Spiritual T.I.P. for Today: New CSL Peace Initiative

How would you and/or your spiritual community like to join others around the world in meditating and praying for peace? Most of us will agree that these interesting and challenging times certainly call us to prayer.

“If we find ourselves surrounded by confusion, we should meditate on peace until we feel a sense of peace.”
~Ernest Holmes

We all know both the power of consciousness and how that power can be multiplied when more of us join in that shift. The Centers for Spiritual Living is therefore pleased to announce the:

“Waves of Peace” Collective Meditation project.

This project is based on the truth that Peace is Now as part of our intrinsic Being. With many groups worldwide meditating to embody and amplify peace there truly will be consistent waves of peace in motion around the globe.

This project offers you guidance and materials to support you in starting a routine practice of peace meditation in your life and community. Commitment and consistence is what shall give this practice the great power to shift consciousness. This material builds on the work of Rev Margo Ruark. Very shortly, we will be offering those interested a brief training session to help you get started.

Although our vision is that many of our communities will use this as a group activity, this project is open to all who are interested. Interested individuals and communities are asked to send an email to Rev Beth Linguri at  revbeth108@gmail.com
NOTE: We recognize that many CSL communities may already have a routine practice        of hosting peace meditations. If you are one, we would like to hear about it. Please send      us a note telling us what you are doing!

“Peace is within you now. The Peace that passeth all human comprehension is there. The Peace that is at the very heart of the Universe is there.” ~Ernest Holmes

This project is one activity of the Global Services Planetary Waves of Peace group, a part of our Centers for Spiritual Living Global Services Committee. This Peace Group  coordinates and supports peace projects throughout Centers for Spiritual Living. In that capacity, we fully encourage you to support the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21 as recently announced by Home Office.
For more information on this group and to find out how you can get involved,please contact Rev Mark Gilbert at markgilbert@csl.org

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Spiritual T.I.P. for Today: Letting Go of Competing

First, I want to apologize for taking so long to get back to writing this blog.  Life happens and we are not always in control of everything that goes on in our lives. However, we are responsible for how we respond to those events and the attitudes that we hold while doing so.  The best attitudes to have are ones of love, support, and helpfulness while at the same time managing to take care of ourselves in the process.  Sometimes this means letting go of some things on our To Do List.  We are the ones who decide how to prioritize that list.


Letting go of competing or competition is big in our society which has been built on stressful, negative attitudes such  as “winner takes all”, “good guys finish last”, and “you have to walk over  others to succeed.”  There are other such dysfunctional attitudes and beliefs that are changing to more loving, helpful, fulfilling,  supportive, and successful ones.  You probably can name a few yourself.

This  “old school thinking” is  being replaced by “new era thinking” ushering in more positive,  health-promoting attitudes and practices such as— “teamwork”, “cooperation”, “it takes a village to raise a child”, “coaching and consulting”, “partnerships”, “personal responsibility”,  “we’re all in this together”, etc.

“Anyone who imagines they can work alone winds up surrounded by nothing but rivals, without companions. The fact is, no one ascends alone.” ― Lance Armstrong, It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life

Competition means there has to be winners and losers.  Although we may have won, if that winning was at the expense of taking advantage of another, then it does not “feel good”.   This kind of destructive  winning leaves a bitter-sweet taste in one’s soul.   It is a shallow victory and takes a toll on one’s health and sense of well-being.

“I am convinced that the jealous, the angry, the bitter and the egotistical are the first to race to the top of mountains. A confident person enjoys the journey, the people they meet along the way and sees life not as a competition. They may reach the summit last because they know God isn’t at the top waiting for them. He is down below helping his followers to understand that the view is glorious where ever you stand.”
Shannon L. Alder

This is not to say that there is no “healthy competition” where competitors are doing their “own personal best” by taking personal responsibility for their performance rather than blaming others for their shortcomings.   This is shown in the Olympic games, team sports, playoffs, and other such venues where doing one’s person best is paramount over taking advantage of one’s competitors.   This brings a genuine feeling of accomplishment, one where you can be proud of your accomplishments and  truly feel good about yourself, win or lose.

“If you want to find the real competition, just look in the mirror. After awhile you’ll see your rivals scrambling for second place.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

I invite you to join with me in doing “Your Own Personal Best”.

 “When you have done the best you can do, then nothing is left undone.  A sense of  rest and peace follows that feeling of true accomplishment.” Hajara Rahim

Try this in one area of your life, you will may be surprised at how good you will feel about yourself. Write about it in your journal and share your experience with a trustworthy companion.

Until next time, enjoy your amazing life!


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Spiritual T.I. P. for Today: Letting Go of Comparing!

Letting Go of Comparing!

Now this is a big one.  We compare almost everything all day long.  Comparing isn’t the problem if  you’re shopping for the best deal or trying to make an informed decision.  Comparing becomes a problem when we compare ourselves to others in the negative.  This is not to say that some person’s actions are more or less desirable than others. It is to say that what we are comparing is ‘just what it is at that moment”, (without the attendant judgments of good vs bad.)

We can use our comparisons as an inspiration for self-improvement when we see someone actually doing what we desire to do or become, or not.  However, the common tendency is to judge ourselves or others as defective or as needing improvements.  When we do this, we are sending out negative energy to them and to ourselves which often makes the situations worse.  Instead, practice sending out blessings with all of those accompanying positive energies that will heal, help, and improve any situation for the better.

Often, we are our own worst enemies.  We compare and judge ourselves mercilessly.  When you find yourself doing that, STOP!  Make a commitment to be more compassionate with yourself as you continue to improve in those areas of your life that you desire. And remember, this is means daily, bit-by-bit improvements, not one glorious jump across the chasm. (Not a realistic goal.)

There are tons of websites that can help with more specific steps that you can take toward your goal.  Just Google your main area and see what pops-up.  Above all, be happy with yourself, appreciate your progress, praise your efforts, and be grateful for the good in your life and in the life of those around you.  Happiness is life-enhancing. You will look and feel great!

“Come and I will heal you”.  The Inner Power of Life within me is Good, Spirit, and  Spirit has all the Power. It will heal and help all who come to It. I know that the realization of Life and Love within me heals all who come into Its Presence. I silently bless all who enter my atmosphere.  “It is not I, but the Spirit Who dwelleth in me, It doeth the works.”

Today’s Practice:  When I find my self comparing, judging or not appreciating myself or another, I will stop and bless myself or send a blessing of greater Love and Life to the other person, knowing that I am contributing to my greater good and to theirs as well.

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Spiritual T.I.P. for 2016–Letting G0!

I received this post on my Facebook page.  It speaks greatly for those of us who want to make 2016 a better year than 2015 for ourselves and our loved ones. All of this Letting Go is easier said than done, but the pay -offs are well-worth the efforts—a happier, healthier, wealthier you and those you love.

Each one of these Letting Go’s will be explored in more depths in future posts.  Stay tuned and maybe invite someone(s) that you feel could use some encouragement and guidance. Find the one that resonates the most with you and explore how dealing with it will improve your life, now.


Affirmation: ” Today I shall guard my thoughts so that nothing emanates from my consciousness other than that which will bless, build up and heal.”

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Spiritual T.I. P. for Today: Radical Forgiveness

We all, each one of us, contribute to the World’s Collective Consciousness by the way we think and feel about ourselves, other people,  and the events that take place in the world, whether we realize it or not.

As we listen to or watch the news on the latest tragic happenings, let us remember that everything that has happened or is happening involves people just like ourselves.  We are all looking for and want a better life, a better world.  But we get in each other’s way trying to fulfill our desires while ignoring the fact that others have those same desires.  This brings about conflicts which leads to war within ourselves and in the larger world.

As we come to make peace within ourselves and with each other, we send that higher vibration into the World’s Collective Consciousness and others will begin to get the message.  It seems to “rain down upon us” and we begin to see things in a different light.

“The right way would be to determine to think peace whether there appeared to be any reason to expect that peace would be forthcoming in the experience (or not).” Ernest Holmes

The only way to Peace is through Love and Forgiveness for truly, only “Love can conquer Hate”**. Whether the conflict is on the larger world stage or in your own life, the solution is the same.

A Radical Transformation Worksheet: Applying the Strategy of Radical Forgiveness to World Events   (www.colintipping.com © Colin Tipping 2012)

  1. What is happening in the world (or in my life) now that disturbs me is:


  1. The feelings I am experiencing about this situation include:

Fear     anger       helplessness      apathy      panic     anxiety     aloneness     hopelessness abandonment     betrayal     despondency     other feelings __________


  1. I am noticing my automatic ‘knee-jerk’ reactions to this situation, such as:

lay blame       punish those responsible        get something done about it       change something complain     be right (I told you so!)      scream     go fix it myself      demonstrate     declare war        get revenge

Write here about the ones you just checked and any others that have come to mind. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  1. If I had infinite power and authority over the situation, I would …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………(Fantasize as much as you like and don’t censor your thoughts. If you think people are to blame, include any dark, negative thoughts that might be running through your mind.)
  1. In spite of my initial feelings of: (Pull from 2) and my initial knee-jerk reactions: (Pull from 3), the actions I can take that might make a practical difference is to …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..(e.g. send money; go help; write a letter; volunteer; become a whistle-blower; protest; etc. Note: It may well be nothing.)
  1. However, what I know I can do, in addition to the above—even if it’s nothing— that will make a big difference energetically, is to read out loud the Radical Forgiveness Invocation plus the proclamations that follow.

The Radical Forgiveness Invocation:

 May we all stand firm in the knowledge and comfort that all things are now, have always been, and forever will be in divine order, unfolding according to a divine plan. And may we truly surrender to this truth whether we understand it or not. May we also ask for support in consciousness in feeling our connection with the divine part of us, with everyone and with everything, so we can truly say and feel — we are ONE.

Proclamations:  (note your response to each proclamation)

I am___ willing ___ open____ skeptical _____unwilling

  1. Having read the above Radical Forgiveness Invocation, I now realize that what is occurring ‘out-there’ is perfect just the way it is and all part of the divine plan.                 (I am___willing ___open ___skeptical ___ unwilling)
  1. In being willing to see it this way, I am opening the way for myself and others to awaken to the truth, and by holding the vision of a ‘healed’ world, I am making a huge contribution to facilitating a shift in consciousness where such situations, as in Box 1, have no further need to occur.                                                                                                      (I am___willing ___open ___skeptical ___ unwilling)


  1. I hereby declare that I am willing to hold this higher vibration and to resist all temptation in the future to react to events with fear and despondency. Whenever I feel myself slipping back into fear I am taking six deep breaths in order to bring myself back to my center ( consciousness of a healed world or of world peace) and maintain my vibration.    (I am___willing ___open ___skeptical ___ unwilling)


  1. I realize now, too, that what was happening ‘out there’ was a reflection of something that needs, or needed, to be healed in me. What it may be mirroring for me is – or was:(I am___willing ___open ___skeptical ___ unwilling)


  1. In forgiving the situation in Box 1, I have automatically forgiven myself. I am grateful for the healing.       (I am___willing ___open ___skeptical ___ unwilling)


  1. I am centered now and have released the need to continue feeling what I was feeling in #2 above and I now choose peace.                                                                                                         (I am___willing ___open ___skeptical ___ unwilling)


Signed: ___________________________________ Date: ________________

“Use the thought of peace with the realization of a Perfect Presence..“Right where the conflict seems to operate, the Presence of God is.” …..Know that in the realization of this Presence there is no tension, no struggle, no fear, there is no sense of conflict.” Ernest Holmes

I invite you to visualize a World that Works for Everyone;  to share this message on your media links and to listen to Marvin Gaye’s recording from 1971—-**What’s Going On?*   https://youtu.be/2p5qeGWKlFY.  Together we can make a difference for a better world.

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Apptitude for Gratitude


TAG, I AM THANKFUL FOR…(name something or someone) & I GIVE THANKS!
T.A.G. I’M IT!

Rodney Gittens, RScP

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Spiritual T.I.P. for Today: A Call for Peace


“Cease weeping over the mistakes of yesterday and steadfastly holding the face of the great and divine Reality, walk in that Light wherein there is no darkness.” ~ Dr. Ernest Holmes

With this magnificent quote, Dr. Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind philosophy, calls us to rise above our past and to envision a future that is filled with infinite possibility.

As we mourn the dead, once again, this time in Paris, we are pitched into sadness and even a sense of defeat. Humanity is at war with one another and we are hard pressed to see a way out. Yet, we are called to do just that.

We begin by honoring those who perished or were wounded in these attacks and their families, the first responders, and all others affected by these horrific acts.

Rather than re-hash what is usually said at times like this, let me speak to a greater future and a way forward. Of course we pray, but let us also act.

Let me call on everyone in our great organization to be truly of one mind in seeing the possibility of peace on our planet.

Let me call upon our ministers and practitioners to reach out to members of other faith traditions and to become spokespersons for peace, justice and harmony.

Let me call upon clergy in all faith traditions to speak out for peace – not to silence the oppressed, but to give them hope.

Let me call upon all those who comprise our news media to be attuned to the many efforts to seek harmony in this world, and not just to show carnage.

Let me call upon political leaders of all stripes to stop the discourse of partisanship and disharmony and to lead forcefully and directly toward a more peaceful planet.

Let me call upon those who take up arms against innocents in the name of their cause or deity to see a better way forward, and to be open to overtures of peace coming from within and beyond your own culture or faith tradition.

Finally, let me offer the services of our organization, the Centers for Spiritual Living, as impartial mediators to work with secular and religious parties anywhere to help bring resolutions to differences.

Let us each be willing to take the first step toward peaceful resolution. Let us be willing to truly listen to the grievances of the other and to open our hearts to a greater possibility, as our founder Ernest Holmes called us to do. Let us do what is best for our children and their children. Let us begin right now.

Dr. Kenn Gordon—–Spiritual Leader, Centers for Spiritual Living

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Spiritual T.I.P. for Today: Prosperity Consciousness

Do you think having more money will make you prosperous? Most people do. We tend to think that money equals prosperity. But prosperity is more than just lots of money.

Certainly money is an indicator of prosperity, but money is not the end all and be all of living a prosperous life. There are millionaires who do not feel prosperous and who lead an unhealthy, fearful, lonely, limited, and otherwise miserable life.  So it comes down to this:

How do you define prosperity?

My definition of prosperity is to be able to do, go, or have what I want when and where I want to do, go, or have.

Now that doesn’t mean that being irresponsible is okay.  Being irresponsible is never okay. We are to use our intelligence in determining any action or activity we engage in, and that action or activity should be for the good of self and others and harm no one else.  Then it’s okay to pursue.

With that said, you feel prosperous when you want to go to dinner at a restaurant or even cook a special dinner at home, you are able to do so.  When you want to take a trip or go to visit a friend, you are able to do so.  When you want to buy a special gift for a special person, or for yourself,  you are able to do so.

The funny part about going, doing or having what you want doesn’t always mean that you have to have “the money in the bank to do so.”  I know of many people and you probably do, too, who  seem to have the Midas Touch.  Whatever they want just seems to come to them.  They have a prosperous mentality or consciousness.

Your prosperous mentality or consciousness activates the Law of Attraction and money  and your desires flow into your life easily. One of the best ways to activate the Law of Attraction is by practicing Gratitude for the good people, things, and money you have in your life now.  Bless it (and them) as it comes in and bless it as it goes out.

The use of affirmations helps to re-adjust our thinking from thoughts of lack and limitation to thoughts of abundance and prosperity.

“Affirmations and denials are for the purpose of re-vitalizing faith…for converting thoughts into beliefs, acceptance and trust.”  Ernest Holmes

I invite you to use these affirmations to get started.  You can certainly create your own as well.

My life gets better and better everyday, in every way.

Tremendous amounts of money now comes to me easily.

I experience love, happiness and friendship everywhere I go.

When your ‘Yea, butt”, thoughts come and they will, dismiss them and go back to repeating your affirmations.  In time, you will see your life get better and better.

Remember to track your progress in your Gratitude Journal.

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Spiritual T.I.P. for Today: Money is Wonderful!

Money is Wonderful! How many times have you heard this expression?  Mostly, we have heard sayings quite to the contrary, like: “You have to work hard for your money.”, Money don’t grow on trees.”, “Money is the root of all evil.” etc.  You can add your own expressions to the list.

Well, if  you are not experiencing ‘money as wonderful and abundant’, then you probably have some of these limiting beliefs hidden in your subconscious mind. Most of them we absorbed as children and they are constantly being reinforced in our everyday lives through comments from family, friends, and the media.

Money is a necessity for living today.  We can’t leave home without it.  Money is a convenient form of exchange for goods and services. Most of us work for money to be able to do and buy the things we need and want.  There is nothing wrong with working unless you are very unhappy with the work you are doing.  That’s when there’s a problem because we really can’t really enjoy the money we have earned if we have had to struggle to get it.

In Treat Yourself to Life , Raymond Charles Barker asks two questions, “What is the one thing you have always wanted to do?” and “Why are you not doing what you want to do?”

Knowing whatever ‘that thing’ is, if it is life affirming for yourself and others, then it is Spirit or God letting you know that it is yours to do.  Most of us, however, have many reasons and excuses as to why we are not living the life we desire. These thoughts reflect our limiting beliefs which keep us in a limited expression of life. I am not condemning you or your life.  I just want you to know that there is a better way to live, if you so desire.

Since all of our experiences are the results of the beliefs that we house in our subconscious mind, the only way to have a better life is to evict these limiting beliefs from our thinking by replacing them with those beliefs or thoughts which will produce the more abundant, prosperous life that we want to live.

We can do this through Spiritual Mind Treatment as designed by Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science and Centers for Spiritual Living. We can use the science of mind, universal laws, and spiritual principles to change our limiting thoughts and beliefs into more expansive ones that will in turn produce the life we want to live.

It won’t happen overnight because like house renovation, it doesn’t happen overnight. But with consistent practice and patience, you will find your life taking on  more ease and better experiences.

Use the following Spiritual Mind Treatment as a good start.

“I always have an abundance of money and an abundance of whatever it takes to make my life happy and prosperous. There is always a continuous flow towards me of supply, of money, of all that I need to express the fullness of life, happiness and success.” Ernest Holmes (adapted)

As you do  this, your limiting beliefs, as thoughts,  will surface as denials of these new thoughts you are now telling yourself.  Say to these negating thoughts, to yourself, to your own mind: “That is not the Truth of Life, therefore this is not the truth of me. Be gone from my mind.  This is your eviction notice.” And watch as  more ease and seeming miracles begin to happen.

I invite you to keep a Gratitude Journal to keep track of the better changes that are happening in your life, even the little ones. Over time, you will be amazed at the ease and differences for the better in your life experiences.

BTW: Only share this with supportive people. Negative people will slow your progress.


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Spiritual T.I.P. for Today: 2015 The Parliament of World Religions

The Parliament of World Religions held its world conference in Salt Lake City, UT from 10/14-19/2015.  The gathering represented over 10,000 people, from over 80 countries, and over 40 religions.

The theme was: Reclaiming the Heart of Humanity. 

At the heart of all  true religions, there is one Truth: The Universal Golden Rule of Love and Compassion for our fellow man.  “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  The answer is a resounding—YES!

The Quran 49:10 (Surah al-Hujurat) “The Believers are but a single Brotherhood: So make peace with your brethren.”

Each day there was an overall Plenary focus on current worldwide societal issues: Women’s Dignity and Human Rights; Emerging Leaders; Income Inequity; War, Violence & Hate; Climate Change; Indigenous Communities.

At the end of each Plenary, there was a call for action and commitment.

“Faith without deeds is dead.”

The religious leaders were called upon to make a commitment to making a difference in their communities by raising awareness and taking action on the local or national level.  Individuals were asked to pick one thing and  make a commitment for action.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Gandhi

Whatever area or issues that resonated within your heart was the one for you. Together, through our collective consciousness, we can change the world for the better.

You can learn more about the Parliament. Go to ParliamentOfReligions.org. There you will learn more about its history and on-going commitments to create a better world for all.

I invite you to make a personal commitment to stand up or speak up when you see an injustice being done to anyone.  Yes, we are our brothers/sisters keeper.

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