Spiritual T.I.P. for Today:  Recovering from The Unexpected

Many of us are in shock upon hearing the results of the Presidential Election and wondering: What is our country coming to?  What are they (those who voted for Trump) thinking?  Well, as we all know we are part of a democratic country and the majority vote wins.  Even if we do not agree with the results we are bound to accept them and adjust accordingly without giving up our right to voice our thoughts and opinions.  With that said, I wanted to share with you some thoughts that came across my e-mail which expressed my sentiments and feelings.  May God continue to bless this country in good times and in bad.

Rodney Gittens, RScP

We have before us a perfect opportunity to exercise higher consciousness in realizing the best life for everyone…not just what’s possible, the best and even better for all in action, even right now.  Not coming from fear, coming with faith and trust that it is the pervasive power of the infinite indwelling Spirit that rules this country & this world.  Peace cells are springing up everywhere, not in opposition to a seeming power or threat, peace is growing as a natural occurrence in answer to the call for right use of power, Individualized and collectively.  The personal responsibility to exercise peace, compassion, caring and love is calling now.  I give thanks for this opportunity to know God, on a deeper and more expansive way, where those who think there is no God will know God when they see those who live like they know God.  This is my prayer today.
Dr. Ernest Holmes (1887 – 1960, founder of Religious Science)

Believing in the Divine destiny of the United States of America and in the preservation of liberty, security, and self-expression, I offer this, my prayer for my country:

I know that Divine Intelligence governs the destiny of the United States of America, directing the thought and the activity of all who guide its affairs. I know that success, prosperity, and happiness are the gifts of freedom, and are the Divine heritage of everyone in this country.

I know that success, prosperity, and happiness are now operating in the affairs of every individual in this country.  I know that Divine guidance enlightens the collective mind of the people of this country, causing it to know that economic security may come to all without the loss of either personal freedom or individual self-expression.

I know that no one can believe or be led to believe that freedom must be surrendered in order to insure economic security for all.  The All-Knowing Mind of God contains the answer to every problem which confronts this country.

I know that every leader in this country is now directed to this All-Knowing Mind and has the knowledge of a complete solution to every problem, and each is compelled to act upon this knowledge to the end that abundance, security, and peace shall come to all.

And I know that this spiritual democracy shall endure, guaranteeing to everyone in this country personal liberty, happiness, and self-expression.  And so it is. Amen.

And yet here is another perspective:

Rev. Sara Nichols:  How can this turn out better than we can ever imagine?

Today many of us may be focused on worst case scenarios (and no, I’m not going to name them, because we all know what they are), but this clip by Katie Rubin suggest a different question, how can this turn out better than we can ever imagine?  I’m asking you to let your imagination run wild in a different direction.  Who knows what that could be?  Literally, what could that be? Be open and stay intune.


Remember, regardless of our political viewpoints and affiliations, we live in this country together and all want the same things in life:  to live in peace, prosperity, and happiness.

God bless America again and again.


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