Message from Dr. Kenn Gordon, Spiritual Leader Centers for Spiritual Living

Wednesday, September 21st, was the International Day of Peace. Centers for Spiritual Living celebrated this day with the dedication of a Peace Pole on our grounds at the home office in Golden, Colorado. There was the sealing of a time capsule into which messages and letters of peace written by school children were entered.

As this beautiful day was unfolding, unrest and discord continued to rise through the tragic and unjustified shootings in Tulsa, OK and Charlotte, NC. While official investigations are still underway and many questions remain unanswered at this hour, what we do know is this: two more African American men have been shot, two more families have suffered a great loss and two more cities have felt the uprising of generational wounding and unaddressed tensions.

It is uncomfortable to watch and to feel into the unrest. How I wish I could sit on a mountain top and pray for peace, but there is no peace in the absence of love and justice. As Eleanor Roosevelt said,

“We must not only believe in peace, and pray for peace but we must also work for peace.” We must be willing to do the inner work, to rid ourselves of violence and condemnation of every form. As I remarked at our Peace Day event, “It is not what we hate that is the problem, it is that we hate at all.”

Now is the time to lean into our principles, practices, and teaching… to take responsibility for our atmosphere of thoughts and our capacity for compassion.

Let us pray for the families of Terrance Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott. Let us pray for the police officers and city officials who put their own lives on the line to protect our cities and its people. Let us pray that these tragedies crack open more than just our heart, but also our will to do the work that needs to be done.

Therefore, let us pray to discern what is ours to do as individualizations of the embodiment of Peace, Love and Harmony in our world, as we continue to hold the vision of a World That Works for Everyone, and let us act accordingly.

Know that you are loved and cherished,

Dr. Kenn Gordon
Spiritual Leader
Centers for Spiritual Living

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