Spiritual T.I. P for Today: The Mother of All Laws

As we continue on this spiritual journey together, there is one fundamental universal law that we all need to be aware of and to contemplate its implications:

The Law of Cause and Effect is the Mother of All Laws.  Philosophers, scientists, religious leaders, as well as each of us, have talked about this universal law from many different and  varying perspectives and have given it various names.

Since humankind realized that we have the ability to think and discovered that thought is creative and thus could change our circumstances or environments,  we have become less and less victims of  change by thinking of and creating  more a desirable experience of life.

Just think of all the “progress” we have made, as a species, since the caveman days.  Even then, the caveman realized he could, by thinking, create and change his circumstances for the better.

“The first great discovery man made was that he could think. This was the day when he first said “I am’. This marked the first day of personal attainment….As the result of  the discovery that he could think, plan and execute, man has built up a great civilization; he has perceived that Nature works through him (his mind) in order  to work for him…”. Ernest Holmes-Science of Mind, pg. 72-73

It is through our ability to think that we have created our lives.  The question is “What are you thinking about?” The Mother of All Laws, the Law of  Cause and Effect, states that for every Cause there is an Effect and behind every Effect there is a Cause.

Abraham-Hicks puts it this way, “You bring about what you think about whether you want it or not.”

So my challenge to you is to Think about what you’re thinking about.  Is that what you want to experience in your life or not? If so, keep on thinking about it. If not, stop thinking about it and begin to think about what you want to experience instead.

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