Spiritual T.I.P for Today: Understanding Others

How many times have we said to ourselves: “What’s wrong with him or her? Why in the world did they do that? I wonder what was going through their mind?” or other such statements?

 Marshall Rosenberg gives us some insight into what may be happening with them, what their thoughts may be, and how we can gain better understanding and empathy.  There is an old saying about walking a mile in another’s shoes before criticizing or judging them too harshly.  I am not saying that one is not to be accountable for their actions or the consequences thereof.  However, our judgments can be made with greater compassion, empathy, and the realization that we all  have unmet needs and have responded inappropriately at times. 

When we understand the needs that motivate our own and other’s behavior, we have no enemies.
~ Marshall Rosenberg
Today’s Practice:
Today I choose to see anger, resentment, complaints, and grievances as expressions of unmet needs. From this perspective, no one is my enemy.
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