Spiritual T.I.P. for Today—Using your Imagination to Create your Vision

“It is the office of the Imagination to set the vision. The Will should hold it in place until the Creative Genius of the inner life transforms the image …and transmutes it…under the law.” Ernest Holmes, SOM

We talked about Creating Your Vision of Success in different areas of your life.  Now we will talk more about how the imagination works to create that vision.  As children, we indulged in our imagination. Children imagine themselves to be however they wish to be whether we, adults, consider it realistic or not from our point of view.  That is the privilege of being a child.

However, the office of our imagination doesn’t change just because we have ‘grown up’. The imagination is our creative power. “It is like magical thinking that expresses our highest desires which are expressions of the Divine within seeking to take form.  All creation starts in the imagination.” (Ernest Holmes)

We use our imagination everyday.  Before we plan or attempt to do anything, we first think about it.  We see what we want to do, however briefly, before doing it.  Most of us do not realize that we are using our imagination this way, however.

Stephen Covey, in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, states an ancient truth, that to be successful we must “Begin with the End in Mind”.  “This is based on the principle that all things are created twice.  There is a mental or first creation, (before) a physical or second creation to all things.”….  “If you have participated seriously in (a) visualization experience, you touched for a moment some of your deep, fundamental values.  You established a brief contact with that inner guidance system (of) the heart”. pg 99

So as you begin to create your vision for your future, begin with the End in Mind.  See yourself where you want to be, doing what you want to do, with those whom you want to be with, having fun, enjoying yourself and your success.  Paint the picture as vividly as you can. In fact, the more vivid, the richer will be the results.  Write it down, record it, create a vision board.  Do whatever you decide will help you keep your vision alive and fresh before your eyes and in your thoughts.

“In the moment of its fullness, I was sure that it would illuminate my path for the rest of my journey.  I had forgotten how easy it was to forget..     “Keep fresh before me the moments  of my high resolve.”                                Howard Thurman, For the Inward Journey

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1 Response to Spiritual T.I.P. for Today—Using your Imagination to Create your Vision

  1. serenergy2 says:

    A good Thought Inspires Productivity…as I Thankfully Imagine Prospering good in all of my affairs. The vision of a wealth of healthy love, joy and compassion in all relationships paves the way for smooth passage, easy transitions from good to greater good & plenty.


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