Spiritual T.I.P for Today- Power of Thought

From “As a Man (Person) Thinketh”, by James Allen, “Good thoughts bears good fruit, bad thoughts, bad fruit.”

When we speak of ‘thoughts’ in this way, we are really talking about the accumulation and consistency of our thoughts which form our belief system.  Thoughts are like money in the bank drawing interest or dividends.  Over time, they demonstrate like circumstances in our lives.

 “Know that beliefs are  thoughts in your mind, and what you think you create.”  Dr. Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

“Our beliefs and our deep-seated convictions inevitably out-picture and reflect themselves in our experience and environment, both in the physical condition of the body, and in the larger world of our affairs. What we outwardly are, and what we are to become, depends upon what we are thinking, for this is the way we are using Creative Power.”                  Ernest Holmes,  Science of Mind, pg 174

To paraphrase Ernest Holmes, the possibility of demonstrating does not depend upon environment, conditions, location, personality, or opportunity, but solely upon our beliefs and our acceptance and ….our willingness to comply….

So with the New Year as a time of focus on reflection and renewal, I invite you to take this opportunity to think about what you are thinking about.  Look at your life and decide if there are some areas that you want to improve or experience greater good.  Then, take a look at your thoughts concerning that area. Make your thoughts more positive by thinking about what you Do want, not about what you don’t want, or what’s wrong with you, them, or others.

To change negative thoughts to positive thoughts, just focus on what you Do want and ignore the negative ones because “You get what you (mostly) think about  whether you want it or not.” Abraham-Hicks.

I am so grateful that I get to choose my thoughts so I can create the life I desire to live.

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