Day 17–You are the Light of Your World

“Through meditation, we awaken within ourselves a Center of Light, which will be to us a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.” Neville

The Christmas lights are being displayed in more and more houses, businesses, and public places. I especially love to see the display of  white lights on the trees and the street poles as they form arches across the highways. It feels like I am entering into an enchanted place as I drive under them. The background holiday music and the friendliness of others all contribute to the “Spirit of Christmas”. But what are we really celebrating? What is the Spirit of Christmas really all about?

Traditionally, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Christ,  the Light of God.  However, at a deeper level, we are celebrating the recognition of the Divine Light that is inherent in each one of us.  Just as a baby needs love, care and nurturing to grow in to a strong, responsible adult, so does our Divine Light need our love, care and nurturing to grow into that strong flame that will light our path and guide us as we strive to live a happy, healthy, abundant, successful, responsible life.

It is through our intentions and actions to nurture this Divine Light into that Guiding Flame that seeming miracles, coincidences, synchronicities,  and other unexpected good begin to occur in our lives. Things come “Out of the Blue”.  And this is the expression for the “Invisible becoming Visible”.  It is the Law of Attraction or the Creative Process in action.  Those of us who do not understand what is going on call it a miracle. Those of us who do understand how spiritual laws work are in awe at the expressions of love, care, and goodness of God, or Spirit, in our lives.

We can all live a life filled with seeming miracles, if we make the time to meditate, pray, and study the deeper meanings of the wisdom that have been taught and handed down to us by enlightened people throughout the Ages. Nelson Mandela is our most contemporary example of such enlightened persons.

My morning mediation is: Let Your Light shine in me and guide me in ways of pleasantness and peace as I go about my day.

My on-going meditation is: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Sweet Spirit,  for the good that  keeps showing up in my life.

I invite you to meditate daily and see what a difference this simple practice will make in  your everyday life. And remember to stay in gratitude when good things happen.  Namaste! and Happy Holidays.

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1 Response to Day 17–You are the Light of Your World

  1. serenergy2 says:

    I am grateful for this age of enlightenment… generations and days that have spawned new technology for us to see the myriad of similarly and sometimes obviously connected spiritual and religious practices of honoring ‘The Light’. There’s only one Light. That Light is God’s Light. That Light is perfect. That Light is my Light now!
    As I / we re-cogn-eyes our Light, we also see the Light that is every One. One Light as All ones.
    the great benefit is that we get to empower ourselves as we knowingly share our awareness of The Light as us. This is Love in action, what all prophets talked about….Being, Doing and Having Divine right thinking, speaking and living the Light.


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