Day 4-Mind-body Connection

Yesterday, a family member was in a car accident.  Upon hearing the news, my body began to respond with an empathetic  headache and back pains. .  Through this experience, I am reminded, once again, of the impact of our thoughts and emotions on our bodies.

Being aware that my body responds to my thoughts and emotions, I began to calm myself down by recognizing the healing response to affirmative thoughts and prayers.  I focused my attention of the healing life of God within me, giving thanks for her healing and for the healing of others who are suffering dis-eases of the body. Knowing that all systems immediately respond to the healing impulse, I gave thanks for the relaxation of my nerves and muscles. Within a few minutes, my headache had subsided and my back muscles relaxed. Upon arrival at the hospital, I found that she was alright, just shaken up a bit.

I am so grateful for this teaching and for knowing that prayer is the answer to all of our problems. This is a reminder, also, once again, to start my day with prayers and thoughts of gratitude. “If the only prayer  you say in your entire life is “Thank You”, that would suffice.” Meister Eckhart

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1 Response to Day 4-Mind-body Connection

  1. serenergy2 says:

    Every situation offers opportunities for growth- that is moving beyond the present circumstance to give and receive a higher expression of thought/consciousness that I had not needed to ‘get to’ before! i am grateful in the moment of awareness to move past the past and recognize the gift of now, right now!


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